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Co-Integrate Math Seminars

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar Series is jointly sponsored by the CREATE for STEM Institute and the Program in Mathematics Education, designed to support internal networking among colleagues in the College of Natural Science, College of Education, and K-12 school partners interested in the teaching and learning of mathematics in K-16 settings. This monthly series will feature talks by MSU faculty and graduate students who are working on projects to improve math teaching and learning at MSU and in Michigan more broadly.

The Co-Integrate Seminar Series welcomes local K-12 teachers and administrators to all of its events.  Reimbursement for on-campus parking will be provided for K-12 school staff attendees - be sure to ask for an envelope before you leave the event!

The coordinator and contact person for the Co-Integrate Math Seminar is Dr. Kristen Bieda. The talks are scheduled from 12:00-1:00 pm unless otherwise noted. The 2019-2020 schedule will be added below as talks are confirmed.

January 30, 2020  Willie Wong (MTH) and Andrew Krause, 133F Erickson

Deploying Computer-Based Lab Activities in Mainstream Calculus II

Flyer for Wong/Krause talk

November 11, 2019  Betty Phillips and AJ Edson, 115 Erickson

Embedding the CMP Curriculum into a Digital Collaborative Platform

Flyer for Phillips/Edson talk

October 21, 2019  Jack Smith and Shiv Karunakaran, 115 Erickson

When the Game Changes: The Development of Student Agency and Autonomy in Challenging Undergraduate Mathematics

Flyer for Talk