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Math Ed Colloquium

The Lappan-Phillips-Fitzgerald Mathematics Education Colloquium Series

During the academic year the Program in Mathematics Education sponsors a Mathematics Education Colloquium Series. This series consists of talks about research in mathematics education by both faculty members from MSU and scholars from other institutions in the United States and abroad. Past speakers from outside MSU have included Jill Adler, Michele Artigue, Deborah Ball and Hyman Bass, Curt Bennett, Francis (Skip) Fennell, Patricio Herbst, Liping Ma, Robert Reys, Tom Romberg, Deborah Schifter, and Triadafillos Triadafillidis.

Floden speaking at Math Ed Colloquium October 2012

Colloquium talks are open to faculty and students interested in mathematics education. New and prospective graduate students are encouraged to attend. Others from outside the MSU community with an interest in research in mathematics education are also welcome. The schedule, flyer and videos (as they become available) for the current semester are listed here, along with a link to the schedule and videos of previous semesters.

Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Mathematics Education Colloquium Schedule

These events are sponsored by the Program in Mathematics Education, the Lappan-Phillips-Fitzgerald Endowment, and the Colleges of Education and Natural Science. For more information, contact a committee member: Higinio Dominguez, Gail Burrill, Sunghwan Byun, Sarah Gady Castle, or contact Freda Cruél, 517-432-1490.

Titles of talks will be posted as they are received. A video of the talk will be posted shortly afterward, as available. Colloquium talks are scheduled in 252 Erickson Hall, unless indicated otherwise.

From the committee:  This year our colloquium focuses on Collaborative Research in Mathematics Education. We believe that collaboration in research contributes to framing and addressing more complex research questions, developing innovative theories and methodologies, and advancing new knowledge in our field. Also, while the expectation in graduate programs is for graduate students to produce research individually, our graduates will enter a field where collaboration is valued for the qualities and benefits previously highlighted.


To be rescheduled to Fall 2020   Anna DeJarnette and Casey Hord, University of Cincinnati

Blending Perspectives: Studies of Discourse and Gesturing in Math and Special Education

Flyer for March 18th Talk

To be rescheduled to Fall 2020   Milos Savic, University of Oklahoma and Gail Tang, University of LaVerne

Fall 2019 Schedule

Wednesday, November 20   3:30-5:00 pm   Michelle Cirillo, University of Delaware and Jennifer Reed, Mathematics Teacher, Delaware

Learning Together Through Collaborative Research:  The Case of Proof in Secondary Mathematics

Flyer for Nov 20th Talk

Slides for Nov 20th Talk

Video of Nov 20th Talk

Wednesday, October 2  3:00-4:30 pm
Victoria Hand, University of Colorado at Boulder
Elizabeth Mendoza, University of California, Irvine
Justin TenEyck, “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County

Toward Re-humanizing Mathematics Education: Participatory Approaches to Noticing in Mathematics Classrooms

Flyer for Oct 2nd Talk

Slides for Oct 2nd Talk

Video of Oct 2 Talk

Video/Schedule of Mathematics Education Colloquium from Previous Semesters