MLRG Schedule of Activities

Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Schedules to be updated regularly

Spring 2018

Last semester, it was amazing to see the members of MLRG sharing their on-going research projects with our colleagues! We would like to maintain the safe space for us to share our unfinished work and learn together.

Once we develop a detailed agenda for each meeting below, we will send out a notification email a few days prior.

MLRG Organizing Team:  Sunghwan Byun, Amy Scheerhorn, and Jack Smith.

February 2  (Friday)  11 am - 12:30 pm  133F Erickson

Kevin Voogt (PRIME) and Byungeun Pak (CITE) will each share their research practicum study and prospect on dissertation work.

February 16  (Friday)  1-2:30 pm  116A Erickson

Taren Going (PRIME) will share her upcoming presentation at RUME and David Bowers (PRIME)  will share his ideas for a manuscript.

March 16  (Friday)  1-2:30 pm 236A Erickson

Missy Cosby (EPET) and Molade Osibodu (PRIME) will share ideas for their dissertation work.

April 6  (Friday)  1-2:30 pm 116A Erickson

Jennifer Nimtz, Amy Ray, and Rani Satyam will share their experiences of finding jobs and their feel for the current job market.

Fall 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! We are excited for our plans for MLRG (Mathematics Learning Research Group) this year, and we look forward to learning and connecting with you in MLRG.  

This semester our goals include the following:

  1. create an intimate space where graduate students share and discuss their practicum and dissertation study
  2. learn about recent publications by MSU faculty members and create opportunities to build social connections among students and faculty members
  3. promote collaboration among the graduate students to share our research with broader mathematics education research communities through conferences, publications, and other spaces.

We will invite graduate student speakers to inform us on the practicum/dissertation process and experience. In addition, we are planning on reading recent manuscripts by our faculty members and inviting these faculty members to share and discuss their research.

Please join us for our gatherings! A more detailed agenda for each session will be sent to you about a week prior to each session.

MLRG Organizing Team:  Sunghwan Byun, Amy Scheerhorn, and Jack Smith.

September 13 (Wednesday) 3:30pm-5pm, Room 310 Erickson Hall

Our first meeting will feature Chris Dubbs (PRIME, 3rd yr) and Rani Satyam (PRIME, 6th yr) and their practicum and dissertation study. We are hoping to have a candid dialogue about these two milestones in the Ph.D. programs.

September 29 (Friday)  1:00pm-2:30pm, Room 310 Erickson Hall

Several students will rehearse and share their PME-NA presentations followed by open diaologue about submitting a paper or practicum study to a conference for presentation.

October 11 (Wednesday)  3:30pm-5pm, Room 310 Erickson Hall

Jose Martinez (CITE) and Younggon Bae (PRIME) will share their work in the different stages of their PhD journey (designing a dissertation study, moving from a practicum to dissertation ideas).

October 27 (Friday)  1:00pm-2:30pm, Room 310 Erickson Hall

Durrell Jones and Amy Ray will share their work in the different stages of the PhD journey (practicum study and reflection; preliminary findings and thoughts from dissertation).

November 15 (Wednesday)  3:30pm-5pm, Venue TBD


Spring 2017

Note: Meeting time is select every other Thursday from 3-4:30 pm in 310 Erickson, unless otherwise noted. More details will be provided on each event as the date approaches. MLRG Organizing team: Amanda Opperman, Amy Scheerhorn and Jack Smith.

January 19: Social Event and Discussion of M. Alejandra Sorto's work

February 2: Greg Beaudine and Aliya Beavers will discuss their recent publication, "Disney’s Metaphorical Exploration of Racism and Stereotypes: A Review of Zootopia," in Comparative Education Review (with Molade Osibodu as a co-author; read the article here:

February 16: Discussion of Maria Zavala's 2/15 colloquium talk and Debrief of AMTE

March 2: Social! Games, snacks and pleasant company!

March 16: Discussion of Julia Aguirre's 3/15 colloquium talk and one session currently available to anyone who wants to lead a session

March 30: 3-3:45 pm: Discussion around the paper "Embodied Cognition in Learning and Teaching: Action, Observation, and Imagination" by Dr. Alibali and Dr. Nathan. These authors will be presenting at the Spring 2017 Mathematics Education Research Conference, Reconnecting to the Body: Movement, Gesture, and Materiality in Mathematical Experiences and Thinking at Michigan State University on May 12-13, 2017.

3:45-4:30pm: Luke Tunstall will be presenting his own research in preparation for his presentation at the upcoming Mathematics, Education, and Society conference in Volos, Greece. Luke's presentation will be related to his forthcoming article which he wrote with Matthew Ferkany, "The Role of Mathematics Education in Promoting Flourishing". Please see the abstract for this article.

April 13: Second discussion around readings for the May 12-13 conference that will be sent out 2 weeks in advance

April 20: MLRG Job Search Panel, 116 H Erickson

Spring 2016

Note: Meeting time is select Fridays from 2:30-4 pm in 116 H Erickson, unless otherwise noted. More details will be provided on each event as the date approaches. MLRG Organizing team: Kenneth Bradfield, Amanda Opperman, Patrick Beymer, and Jack Smith.

February  12  2-3 pm 133G Erickson Dr. Tonya Bartell will be presenting on Quality Reviews for Conference Submissions. (Note the change in time and location.) Tonya will provide useful information pertaining to graduate students’ opportunities to learn to review mathematics education conference submissions in order to provide quality feedback to the authors as well as gain valuable knowledge for future submissions. Join us if you are interested in submitting to or reviewing for mathematics education conferences in the near future!

February 26  212 North Kedzie  RCR conversation on citation issues. Counts as 1.5 hours toward RCR hours needed for 2015-2016 academic year.

March 18 133F Erickson  Frances Harper presenting on productive writing habits and forming writing groups.

April 1  212 North Kedzie  Two guests presenting ongoing issues in the Detroit Public Schools, how MSU graduate students can support DPS teachers, and how MSU teacher educators can support our pre-service teachers who may be preparing to enter DPS as interns or first year teachers.

April 22  Panel on international perspectives on mathematics learning, teaching, and research:  Younggon Bae, Jose Martinez-Hinestroza, and Molade Osibodu.

April 29  Last session for the spring: Outgoing graduate student will offer a teaching presentation followed by a handful of graduate students who will share their experiences and take questions regarding their process of applying for jobs this academic year.



Fall 2015

Note: Meeting time is select Fridays from 2:30-4 pm in 116 H Erickson, unless otherwise noted. More details will be provided on each event as the date approaches. MLRG Organizing team: Kenneth Bradfield, Amanda Opperman, Patrick Beymer, and Jack Smith.

September  4  Our leadership team will provide MSU Dairy Store ice cream and open a discussion on the topics of our future meetings, our role in supporting PMENA, the layout of our wiki page, and opportunities to support your endeavors this semester through your participation and/or facilitation of this year's sessions. Throughout the year, MLRG provides a space where all members can share experience and wisdom with each other across disciplines in the interest of your current and future work and the future of mathematics education research.

September 18  First Years Invitational - Introductions and discussion about mathematics education-related resources, events, community involvement, topics, and project/research opportunities. We invite graduate students further along in the program to join us to meet the first-year graduate students (if they haven't already), take their questions, and share valuable information.

October 9 technology for graduate students/supporting mathematics teaching and learning  - Kevin Lawrence and Eryn Stehr will present information about how technology supports both graduate student work and quality mathematics teaching and learning.

October 30 PMENA Preparation Event - Putting together name badges and organizing other materials in preparation for PMENA conference the next week.

November 6  No Meeting - PMENA Conference

November 13  PMENA Debriefing

November 20  Social - Anki Drive Board Game

December 4  Productive Writing Habits - Frances Harper will present information about writing for those of us finishing our assignments at the end of the semester. Take a productive break from writing and join us!