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Current Courses Offered

Here is a partial list of courses that are planned to be offered for the mathematics education doctoral program.

Courses in bold-face type are required program courses. Consult with your Advisor and Guidance Committee for recommended courses and additional course offerings.

To see all MSU courses offered in a given semester, starting with Fall 2021, visit student.msu.edu and log in to MSU's SIS.

To see details and descriptions of a course, visit the Course Descriptions site, type in the Subject Code and Course Number, and click on the Search button.

Core Sequence

  • MTHE 926 Proseminar in Mathematics Education I, Fall Semesters
  • MTHE 927 Proseminar in Mathematics Education II, Spring Semesters
  • TE 950 Mathematical Ways of Knowing, Spring Semester of odd years
  • MTHE 954 Design and Methods in Mathematics Education Research, Fall Semesters

Research Methods

Commonly used courses for the minimum of 3 research methods courses (at least one qualitative and one quantitative course) are:

  • TE 931 Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Educational Research, Semesters: Fall of every year, Spring of every year, Summer of every year
  • TE 939 Advanced Qualitative Methods
  • CEP 933 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research II, Fall and Spring Semesters

See the MSU Schedule of Courses for many additional 900-level research methods courses in the College of Education.

    Research Practicum

    MTHE 995 Research Practicum, Spring Semesters

    Mathematics and Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching

    Some options are:

    • MTHE 840 Critical Content of School Mathematics: Numbers and Operations, Spring Semester, 2024
    • MTHE 841 Critical Content of School Mathematics: Algebra, Spring Semester, 2022
    • MTHE 842 Critical Content of School Mathematics: Geometry, Spring Semester, 2023
    • MTHE 879 Teaching College Mathematics, Fall Semester of even years
    • CEP 913 Psychology and Pedagogy of Mathematics, Fall Semester of odd years
    • MTHE 997 Special Topics courses will be listed as courses are planned.
    • See MTH and STT schedules for more courses.

    Area of Concentration

    Courses will vary depending on student's unique interests.