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How do I reserve a room for a meeting in North Kedzie?

North Kedzie Room Reservations: Please contact Julie Pozega to reserve 123 NKL, or Freda Cruél to reserve 212 NKL.

How do I register for MTHE 999 credits?

Please contact Freda Cruél to register for MTHE 999 credits. Tell her how many credits you need, and for which semester.

What are the available options for travel support?

MSU has several options for support of graduate student travel to conferences in which you present your research. Funds are generally not provided for attending a conference, unless if your project is willing to support that expense. Here are the forms to request travel funding, from the units:

See the Forms site under Current Students for more details.

How do I go about securing an assistantship for year two and beyond?

You should contact the appropriate people below by the middle of the spring semester for an assistantship the following fall.

For Teaching Assistantships: Contact  Beth Herbel-Eisenmann or Kristen Bieda if you are interested in teaching methods/field instruction for secondary mathematics and Tonya Bartell or Amy Parks for teaching methods/field instruction for elementary mathematics. Contact Lisa Keller if you are interested in teaching MTH 201/202, math content courses for elementary teachers.

For Research Assistantships: Contact the Principal Investigator of the project you are interested in working on to see if there are any availabilities for RAs for the coming year.

I would like a summer assistantship. How do I go about securing one?

See the answer above. Contact the above faculty to see if there is a need for instructors or RAs. For MTH Department courses, you will need to contact the current MTH Graduate Director or Graduate Secretary.

Who do I see if I need office space?

Contact Freda Cruél or Lisa Keller.

Where do I get program mail?

All of the mathematics education doctoral students have a mail box in 207 NKL, as well as access to the copy machine for a limited number of copies each semester for your personal research use. Please check your mailbox weekly, and your MSU email daily.