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Alden J. Edson

Research Assistant Professor in the Program in Mathematics Education (PRIME)

C723 Wells Hall, (517) 432-4551


AJ Edson is a research assistant professor of mathematics education. His research focuses on secondary school mathematics curriculum design and development using design-based research methodologies. In particular, AJ is interested in studying the enactment of curriculum materials in a digital world. He is also interested in the affordances of innovative mathematics curriculum materials as a context for teacher learning. Currently, he works on initiating and implementing research and development grants related to the Connected Mathematics Project and assisting with CMP activities. He has had experience working on other NSF-funded curriculum materials, including Core-Plus Mathematics and Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics. The work on these projects involves collaborations with teams of mathematicians and statisticians, mathematics and statistics educators, and school mathematics teachers with a goal of providing students and teachers with problem-based, inquiry-oriented materials.