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Leonardo Medel Leonardo Medel

Fall 2022


Advisor: Robert Floden

Dissertation: Feedback that matters: Mathematics teacher educators’ feedback of student
teachers’ lesson plans

Faculty of Education, University of Chile

Charles Fessler Charles Fessler

Fall 2022


Advisor: Shiv Karunakaran

Dissertation: Secondary Mathematics Teacher Interns' Learning Through Teaching: A Case Study

Mathematics Instructor, United States Military Academy Preparatory School

Andrew Krause Andrew Krause

Summer 2022


Advisor: Vince Melfi

Dissertation: Studying Engagement to Inform Design of Calculus 2 Computational Labs

Academic Teaching Specialist, Michigan State University

Valentin Küchle Valentin Küchle

Summer 2022


Advisor: Shiv Karunakaran

Dissertation: A Multicase Study of Three Graduate Teaching Assistants Participating in the MDISC Teaching Professional Development

Postdoc, Auburn University

Merve Nur Kursav Merve Nur Kursav

Summer 2022


Advisor: Corey Drake

Dissertation: Teachers’ Beliefs, Perceptions, Experiences, and Strategies in Teaching and Engaging Multilingual Learners in Mathematics Classrooms

Research Associate, Dartmouth College

Robert Elmore Robert Elmore

Spring 2022


Advisor: Shiv Karunakaran

Dissertation: Teaching Presence in a Fully Online Asynchronous Undergraduate Mathematics Course and its Impact on Social and Cognitive Presence

Mathematics Faculty Member, Mid-Michigan College

Timothy Wegner Timothy Wegner

Spring 2022


Advisor: Ralph Putnam

Dissertation Director: Brin Keller

Dissertation: Students' Tool Usage, Justifications, and Reported Confidence When Using Dynamic Geometry Environments

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Spring Arbor University, Michigan

David Bowers David Bowers

Summer 2021


Advisor: Corey Drake

Dissertation: Anarchist Mathematics Education: Ethic, Motivation, and Praxis

Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Sunghwan Byun Sunghwan Byun

Summer 2021


Advisor: Beth Herbel-Eisenmann

Dissertation: Interactional work of Advanced Placement mathematics teachers: Toward productive and equitable mathematics discussions

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, Department of STEM Education, North Carolina State University, NC Raleigh

Taren Going Taren Going

Summer 2021


Advisor: Kristen Bieda

Dissertation: The Relationship Between Productive Disciplinary Engagement and Middle Grades Students' Construction of Written Justifications

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Connected Mathematics Project, Michigan State University

Kevin Voogt Kevin Voogt

Summer 2021


Advisor: Jack Smith

Dissertation: Influence of Preservice Elementary Teachers' Mathematics Experiences on their Attitudes and Beliefs about Mathematics

Assistant Professor of Education, School of Education, Grace College, Winona Lake, IN

Durrell Jones Durrell Jones

Spring 2021


Co-Advisors: Beth Herbel-Eisenmann and Sandra Crespo

Dissertation Director: Chezare Warren

Dissertation: A Critical Race Examination of Four Young Black Men's Participation in Community College Developmental/Remedial Mathematics

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA

Lauren Cavner Williams Lauren Cavner Williams

Fall 2020


Co-Advisors: Jack Smith and Monica Karunakaran

Dissertation: Tracking and Understanding At-Risk College Students' Self-Efficacy in a Treatment Mathematics Course

Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics, Ferris State University

Michael Morissette Michael Morissette

Summer 2020


Co-Advisors: Beth Herbel-Eisenmann and Corey Drake

Dissertation: Mathematics Teachers' and Principals' Responses to the Use of Student Growth Data on Teacher Evaluation Instruments in the State of Michigan

Instructor, Great Lakes Learning Academy

Oyemolade Osibodu Oyemolade Osibodu

Spring 2020


Advisor: Beth Herbel-Eisenmann

Dissertation:  Embodying Ubuntu, Invoking Sankofa, & Disrupting With Fela: A Co-Exploration of Social Issues and Critical Mathematics Education With Sub-Saharan African Youth

Assistant Professor, York University

Christopher Dubbs Christopher Dubbs

Spring 2020


Advisor: Tonya Bartell

Dissertation: Perturbations of the Sensible: An Aesthetic Atlas of Mathematics Education Research

Assistant Professor, East Stroudsburg University

Luke Tunstall Luke Tunstall

Fall 2019


Co-Advisors: Tonya Bartell and Vince Melfi

Dissertation: Numeracy Proxies and Practices: Studies in Approximations of the “Real”

Director of the Quantitative Reasoning Skills Center, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

Kate Appenzeller-Knowles Kate Appenzeller-Knowles

Fall 2019


Advisor: Corey Drake

Dissertation: Teachers’ Use of Scaffolding During Cognitively Demanding Tasks

Director of Quantitative Reasoning, Texas A&M University, San Antonio, TX

Younggon Bae Younggon Bae

Summer 2019


Co-Advisors: Brin Keller and Shiv Karunakaran

Dissertation: Dynamic Geometry Task Design for Axiomatic Geometry: Student Engagement with Axiomatic Reasoning

Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley - Brownsville, TX

Kevin Lawrence Kevin Lawrence

Summer 2019


Advisor: Brin Keller

Dissertation: Unpacking Teachers' Reflections on Digital Technology Decisions and Use in an Inquiry-Based, Problem-Centered Middle School Mathematics Curriculum

Instructor, Michigan State University