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Dan Clark Dan Clark

Summer 2016

Advisor: Jack Smith

Dissertation: The Common Core of Understanding Amongst the Michigan Education Community Regarding the Implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Assistant Professor at Western Kentucky University

RIchard "Abe" Edwards RIchard "Abe" Edwards

Summer 2016

Advisor: Vince Melfi

Dissertation: Quantitative Literacy in General Education Science Courses at a Community College: Student and Instructor Reports

Academic Specialist in Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University

Funda Gonulates Funda Gonulates

Summer 2016

Advisor: Jack Smith

Dissertation: Mathematics Teachers’ Collaboration Mediated by a Problem-Based Curriculum

Assistant Professor at Northern Kentucky University, College of Education

Eun Mi Kim Eun Mi Kim

Summer 2016

Advisor: Ralph Putnam

Dissertation: Preservice Teachers' Understandings of Volume and Its Measurement in Everyday and School Contexts

Associate Researcher in the Center for Accessible Teaching, Learning & Assessment Systems (ATLAS) at the University of Kansas

Jia He Jia He

Summer 2015

Advisor: Sharon Senk

Dissertation: Preservice Elementary Teachers' Conceptions of Mathematical Definitions

Assistant Professor, Augusta University, Georgia

Jamie Wernet Jamie Wernet

Spring 2015

Advisor: Kristen Bieda

Dissertation: What's the Story with Story Problems? Exploring the Relationship between Contextual Mathematics Tasks, Student Engagement, and Motivation to Learn Mathematics in Miple School

Mathematics Teacher, Department Leader and Instructional Coach at Lansing Christian Schools

Aaron Brakoniecki Aaron Brakoniecki

Summer 2014

Advisor: Sandra Crespo; Dissertation Co-Directed with Ralph Putnam

Dissertation: Preservice Teachers' Uses of the Internet to Support Their Learning of Mathematics: The Case of The Pythagorean Theorem

Lecturer and Program Director for Mathematics Education at Boston University, after serving 2 years as Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Jerilynn Lepak Jerilynn Lepak

Summer 2013

Advisor: Kristen Bieda

Dissertation: Supporting Low-Tracked Algebra Students’ Written Arguments

Assistant Professor at Seattle Pacific University, Department of Mathematics

Corvell Cranfield Corvell Cranfield

Spring 2013

Advisor: Sharon Senk; Dissertation Co-Directed with Joan Ferrini-Mundy

Dissertation: How are the Mathematical Identities of Low Achieving South African Eleventh Graders Related to Their Ability to Solve Mathematical Tasks?

National Mathematics Manager at National Education Collaboration Trust, South Africa

Leslie Dietiker Leslie Dietiker

Summer 2012

Advisor: Glenda Lappan; Dissertation Co-Directed with Nathalie Sinclair

Dissertation: The Mathematics Textbook as a Story: A Novel Approach to the Interrogation of Mathematics Curriculum

Associate Professor at Boston University, School of Education

Irini Papaieronymou Irini Papaieronymou

Summer 2012

Advisor: Sharon Senk

Dissertation: College Students’ Achievement and Understanding of Experimental and Theoretical Probability: The Role of Tasks

Lecturer at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, Department of Education

Kimberly Cervello Rogers Kimberly Cervello Rogers

Summer 2012

Advisor: Michael Steele

Dissertation: The Proof is in the Practice? Graduate Teaching Assistants and Future Teachers

Associate Professor at Bowling Green State University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Samuel Otten Samuel Otten

Summer 2012

Advisor: Beth Herbel-Eisenmann

Dissertation: Participation and Cognitive Demand: Linking the Enacted Curriculum and Student Learning in Middle School Algebra

Associate Professor at the University of Missouri, College of Education

Aladar Horvath Aladar Horvath

Summer 2012

Advisor: Glenda Lappan

Dissertation: The Treatment of Composition in Secondary and Early Collegiate Mathematics Curricula

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Purdue University, School of Engineering Education

Currently is an Assistant Professor at Missouri Southern State University

Amanda Milewski Amanda Milewski

Spring 2012

Advisor: Raven McCrory

Dissertation: Exploring Teachers' Practices of Responding

Assistant Research Scientist at University of Michigan School of Education

Sasha Wang Sasha Wang

Fall 2011

Advisor: Glenda Lappan

Dissertation: The Van Hiele Theory Through Discursive Lens: Prospective Teacher's Geometric Discourses

Associate Professor at Boise State University, Department of Mathematics

Lorraine Males Lorraine Males

Fall 2011

Advisor: Jack Smith

Dissertation: Curriculum for Professional Development: An Examination of Teachers' Opportunities to Learn from Middle School Mathematics Curriculum Materials

Associate Professor at University of Nebraska – Lincoln, College of Education and Human Science

Gregory Larnell Gregory Larnell

Summer 2011

Advisor: Glenda Lappan

Dissertation Advisor: Jack Smith

Dissertation: More Than Just Skill: Mathematics Identities, Socialization, and Remediation among African American Undergraduates

Associate Professor at University of Illinois-Chicago, College of Education

Jungeun Park Jungeun Park

Spring 2011

Advisor: Sharon Senk

Dissertation: Calculus Instructors' and Students' Discourse on the Derivative

Associate Professor at University of Delaware, Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Beste Gucler Beste Gucler

Summer 2010

Advisor: Raven McCrory

Dissertation: Development of Discourse on Limits:  Connecting History and Classroom Practice Through A Communicational Approach to Learning

Associate Professor at University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, STEM Education Department