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Jen Nimtz Jen Nimtz

Summer 2018


Co-Advisors: Ralph Putnam and Sandra Crespo

Dissertation: Case Studies of Undergraduate Students' Interactions with an Online Computer Adaptive Instruction Intermediate Algebra Course

Assistant Professor and Director of First Year Mathematics Instruction, Western Washington University

Amy Ray Amy Ray

Summer 2018


Advisor: Corey Drake

Dissertation: Student Work in Curriculum-based Assessment Tasks: An Exploratory Validity Study of a Mechanism for Assessing SMP3b

Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University

Visala "Rani" Satyam Visala "Rani" Satyam

Summer 2018


Advisor: Jack Smith

Dissertation: Cognitive and Affective Components of Undergraduate Students Learning How to Prove

Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Joanne Philhower Joanne Philhower

Spring 2018


Advisor: Jack Smith

Dissertation: Investigating High School Mathematics Teachers' Formative Assessment Practices

Assistant Professor, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN

Jeffrey Craig Jeffrey Craig

Summer 2017


Advisor: Beth Herbel-Eisenmann

Dissertation: Real Fantasies In Mathematics Education: Numeracy, Quantitative Reasoners, Transdisciplinary Wicked Problems

Lecturer of Mathematics, Arizona State University

Nic Gilbertson Nic Gilbertson

Summer 2017


Advisor: Kristen Bieda

Dissertation: Teacher Decision-Making in Collaborative Mathematics Discussions

Associate Professor at Winona State University

Lynette Guzman Lynette Guzman

Summer 2017


Advisor: Amy Parks

Dissertation: Blurring Boundaries within Mathematics Education: Prospective K-8 Teachers Interrogating Intersectional Identities, Narratives and Positionings across Out-of-School Contexts

Assistant Professor of STEM Education, California State University, Fresno

Frances Harper Frances Harper

Summer 2017


Advisor: Tonya Bartell

Dissertation: Equitable Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Practice: Exploring Students’ Negotiations of Identity and Power

Associate Professor, STEM Education/Math, University of Tennessee

Alexandria Theakston Musselman Alexandria Theakston Musselman

Summer 2017


Advisor: Beth Herbel-Eisenmann

Dissertation: Mathematics Majors at an All-Women's College: Exploring Identity and Context

Assistant Teaching Professor at University of Washington, Bothell

Eryn Stehr Eryn Stehr

Eryn Stehr Maher

Summer 2017


Co-Advisors: John P. (Jack) Smith, III and Ralph T. Putnam

Dissertation: Digital Resources and Mathematics: Teachers' Conceptions and Noticing

Associate Professor at Georgia Southern University

Sihua "Adrienne" Hu Sihua "Adrienne" Hu

Fall 2016

Email Sihua

Co-Advisors: Vince Melfi, Bob Floden

Dissertation: The Influence of Content and Other Factors on Measures of Teacher Quality: A Comparative Study

Currently a Research Analyst at the Educational Records Bureau in New York, after Post-doctoral Fellow at Northwestern University

Jillian Cavanna Jillian Cavanna

Summer 2016


Advisor: Beth Herbel-Eisenmann and Corey Drake

Dissertation: Mathematics Teachers’ Data Use in Practice: Considering Accountability, Action Research, and Agency

Started as Post-Doc Research Associate at the University of Connecticut; now Assistant Professor of Elementary Education, STEM, and Innovation at University of Hartford

Dan Clark Dan Clark

Summer 2016


Advisor: Jack Smith

Dissertation: The Common Core of Understanding Amongst the Michigan Education Community Regarding the Implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Assistant Professor at Western Kentucky University

RIchard "Abe" Edwards RIchard "Abe" Edwards

Summer 2016


Advisor: Vince Melfi

Dissertation: Quantitative Literacy in General Education Science Courses at a Community College: Student and Instructor Reports

Academic Specialist in Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University

Funda Gonulates Funda Gonulates

Summer 2016


Advisor: Jack Smith

Dissertation: Mathematics Teachers’ Collaboration Mediated by a Problem-Based Curriculum

Assistant Professor at Northern Kentucky University, College of Education

Eun Mi Kim Eun Mi Kim

Summer 2016


Advisor: Ralph Putnam

Dissertation: Preservice Teachers' Understandings of Volume and Its Measurement in Everyday and School Contexts

Associate Researcher in the Center for Accessible Teaching, Learning & Assessment Systems (ATLAS) at the University of Kansas

Jia He Jia He

Summer 2015


Advisor: Sharon Senk

Dissertation: Preservice Elementary Teachers' Conceptions of Mathematical Definitions

Assistant Professor, Augusta University, Georgia

Jamie Wernet Jamie Wernet

Spring 2015


Advisor: Kristen Bieda

Dissertation: What's the Story with Story Problems? Exploring the Relationship between Contextual Mathematics Tasks, Student Engagement, and Motivation to Learn Mathematics in Miple School

Director of Learning and Secondary Mathematics Teacher at Lansing Christian School, and Teaching for Transformation School Designer with the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE)

Aaron Brakoniecki Aaron Brakoniecki

Summer 2014


Advisor: Sandra Crespo; Dissertation Co-Directed with Ralph Putnam

Dissertation: Preservice Teachers' Uses of the Internet to Support Their Learning of Mathematics: The Case of The Pythagorean Theorem

Senior Lecturer and Program Director for Mathematics Education at Boston University, after serving 2 years as Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Jerilynn Lepak Jerilynn Lepak

Summer 2013


Advisor: Kristen Bieda

Dissertation: Supporting Low-Tracked Algebra Students’ Written Arguments

Assistant Professor at Seattle Pacific University, Department of Mathematics