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Freda Cruél Freda Cruél

Graduate Secretary/Academic Program Coordinator

Secretary to PRIME Director

211 North Kedzie, (517) 432-1490

Handles general graduate student questions/issues, enrolls students in 999 credits, makes reservations for 212 NKL, assists math ed committees. Schedules appointments for Ralph Putnam, Director.

Kelly Fenn Kelly Fenn

Budget & Personnel Administrator

211A North Kedzie, (517) 884-3476

Processes assistantship and fellowship paperwork for graduate students. Handles benefits and human resource issues, and assigns keys for all PRIME faculty, staff and graduate students.

Lisa Keller Lisa Keller

Specialist and Assistant Director, PRIME

221 North Kedzie, (517) 432-5472

Informal advisor to mathematics education doctoral students, recruits prospective students, website.

Elizabeth "Billie" Lozen Elizabeth "Billie" Lozen

Consortium Coordinator I

C715 Wells Hall, (517) 432-3635

Coordinator for the Connected Mathematics Project (CMP). Direct any questions regarding CMP to Billie.

Amie Lucas Amie Lucas

Information Technology Professional II

C721 Wells Hall, (517) 432-0054

Digital Media and Marketing Technologist for the Connected Mathematics Project (CMP). Direct website and technology questions surrounding CMP to Amie.

Ralph Putnam, Director Ralph Putnam, Director

Director of PRIME and Mathematics Education Graduate Program

Office in PRIME, 210 North Kedzie, (517) 884-3475

Oversees all aspects of the mathematics education graduate program, and serves as Director of PRIME.