David Bowers

  • Graduate Students


Began: Fall 2016

Research interests: David’s research interests center on the social and philosophical foundations of mathematics and mathematics education, and how these dynamically interact and intersect with various structures and contexts (social, political, ideological, and physical). His current thinking and lines of inquiry draw heavily on situative theory as well as the work of scholars such as Alexandre Pais and Paul Ernest. Using the word “situated” to describe the social, political, ideological, and physical contexts in which we each exist, David is currently interested in questions such as: (1) How can we productively conceptualize the ways that our multilayered situatedness shapes and scaffolds our thinking in ways both constructive and destructive, (2) how can we conceptualize the dynamic ways these layers of situatedness exist in relation to each other, (3) how can we productively combat destructive situatedness, and (4) what specific implications do each of these lines of inquiry hold for mathematics and mathematics education?