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Gail Burrill

Mathematics Specialist in the Program in Mathematics Education (PRIME)


Gail Burrill was a secondary teacher and department chair in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin for over 28 years. She is currently a Mathematics Specialist in the Program in Mathematics Education at Michigan State University. She served as President of the National Council of Teacher of Mathematics (NCTM), and as Director of the Mathematical Sciences Education Board. She co-directs the Institute for Advanced Study’s International Seminar and the Secondary School Teachers Program component of the Park City Mathematics Institute. Burrill is an instructor for Teachers Teaching with Technology and a senior mathematics advisor to Texas Instruments Education Technology. She received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics, an honorary doctorate from Rose Holman Institute of Technology and the NCTM Lifetime Achievement Award. Her research interests are statistics education, the use of technology in teaching secondary mathematics, and issues related to what it means to teach mathematics. The author of numerous books and articles on statistics and mathematics education, she has spoken nationally and internationally on issues in teaching and learning mathematics.