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Jennifer Green

Jenny Green Photo 2022

Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics and Probability, and Program in Mathematics Education

C442 Wells, (517) 432-9892

C106 Wells, (517) 884-3478


Jennifer Green is an associate professor of statistics education whose research focuses on the development of teachers in grades K-16, as well as the development of statistical methodology to characterize the impacts of educational programs for teachers. Her research aims to improve STEM education with an emphasis on statistics, informing and enhancing the processes of teaching, learning and assessment across all levels of education. She investigates the teaching and learning of statistics through the development and refinement of programs for K-16 practitioners. Her current interests include K-12 teachers' uses of data and statistics in classroom inquiry, innovations to modernize and transform postsecondary statistics coursework, and graduate student development in teaching and scientific oral communication.