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Plenary Speakers

Kathryn Chval Kathryn Chval

Kathryn Chval

Dean and Professor in Mathematics Education
University of Missouri

Reclaiming the Floor in Mathematics Teacher Education: Where Do We Begin?

Imagine a future where every student, parent, educator, professional, politician, journalist, researcher, leader, and philanthropist values Educational Engagement, Inclusion, Research, Innovation, and Solutions. Imagine you were part of educational systems that had leadership, vision, strategy, infrastructure and capacity to answer problems of practice; strengthen communities; develop, understand, and expand effective models to scale; and pursue research and innovation so that students at every level were successful with learning mathematics.

The challenges to accomplishing this vision seem endless such as:  Inequities in educational settings; insufficient and inadequate resources; lack of coordination and organization; limited access to educational opportunities; growing student debt; development and distribution of the teacher workforce; public questioning our expertise and value; competitors; and policies that constrain innovation and success.  Too many people throughout the country do not acknowledge, understand, or value the significance and impact of these challenges.

In this opening session, Dr. Chval will draw upon her own experiences as a mathematics teacher, mathematics teacher educator, researcher, and administrator to frame challenges in mathematics education in today’s political context so that more people are equipped to better understand, respond to, and advocate for mathematics and mathematics education in Michigan at the system level. She will also engage the audience in considering the question: What can we do so that these challenges are understood, acknowledged, and a larger number of people invest in and work toward solutions using coordinated efforts and resources?

Your participation in this work is critical to the future success of mathematics education.

John Austin John Austin

John Austin

Past President, Board of Education
Michigan Department of Education

Building the Education System of Tomorrow - Today

Austin will speak about how State Leaders must be and are working to design and implement an education system that delivers the skills and competencies needed for all learners to navigate and succeed in the 21st century economy and society. He will discuss the current and future state of standards in math and other disciplines. Additionally, Austin will speak about assessments situated in creating individualized learning contexts that prepare all learners with open-ended pathways to opportunity and the implementation of needed post-secondary degrees/credentials for all.

Corey Drake Corey Drake

Corey Drake

Associate Professor and Director of Teacher Preparation
Michigan State University

Transforming Mathematics Teacher Education in Michigan: Equity and Impact

Mathematics teacher education in Michigan – and across the country – faces a number of persistent challenges. In this talk, I will build on what we have learned throughout the day’s presentations and describe two of these challenges – preparing teachers to teach equitably across diverse contexts and understanding the impact of novice teachers’ preparation experiences. While these challenges might at first glance seem quite separate, I will discuss the critical importance of considering them together to bring about transformative change in Michigan’s schools and educational systems. I will conclude with a proposal for teacher educators working in partnership with K-12 schools and districts to address these two challenges in tandem.

Panelist: Sherry Gay-Dagnogo Panelist: Sherry Gay-Dagnogo

Panelist:  Sherry Gay-Dagnogo

Former Teacher and Current State Representative for District 8
Michigan House of Representatives

Panelist: Valerie L. Mills Panelist: Valerie L. Mills

Panelist: Valerie L. Mills

Supervisor and Mathematics Education Consultant
Oakland Schools

Panelist: Shari Stockero Panelist: Shari Stockero

Panelist: Shari Stockero

Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Director of Teacher Education
Michigan Technological University

Panelist: RJ Webber Panelist: RJ Webber

Panelist: RJ Webber

Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services
Novi Community Schools