Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series

You are cordially invited to attend the CoIntegrate Math Seminar Series:
Learning Progressions for Print and Deeply Digital Delivery of a Binomial Distributions and Statistical Inference Unit, by A.J. Edson.

Abstract: This talk reports on learning progression considerations of a design experiment that was completed to (re)design, develop, enact, and evaluate a highly interactive digital unit focusing on binomial distributions and statistical inference. A didactical analysis was conducted of the studied learning progressions in the print and in the deeply digital units. Differences between the implicit learning progressions intended for delivery of print and deeply digital units are discussed. A second level of analysis systematically examined the interactions between students and the use of the design features of the developed unit. Analysis of classroom observations, digital artifacts and student and teacher interviews documents the observed problem-­?solving pathways students navigated related to the learning progression and how those pathways compared to the intended learning progressions for binomial distributions and their application in statistical inference.

Friday, October 10, 2014
3:30-4:30 pm
B243 Wells Hall
Pie and coffee provided