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Burrill Elected to International Statistical Institute

Gail Burrill, mathematics education faculty member, has been elected to the International Statistical Institute, ISI.

The mission of the ISI is to “lead, support and promote understanding, development and good practice of statistics worldwide, by providing the core global network for statistics.”

Elected members are established in their careers and have made significant contributions to the statistics profession. Becoming an elected member involves being nominated and supported by three current Elected ISI members and then submitted to an election conducted by the ISI Elections Committee. Members of the ISI belong to a professional network with statisticians from academia, research organizations, national governments, international agencies, business and industry in 150 countries.

Gail was a secondary teacher and department chair in Wisconsin for over 28 years, and served as the President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and as Director of the Mathematical Sciences Education Board before coming to MSU. She has received numerous national awards for her service and teaching.

Gail noted, “Promoting statistical literacy has always been central in my work, with my high school course focused on building statistical reasoning and sense making for all students, not just those in the upper level courses. In today’s world, statistical literacy is even more important as nearly every aspect of our lives is awash with data, and the knowledge and ability to make rational data driven decisions is central to being a productive member of society.”

She continued, “My current research is focused on the use of interactive dynamic technology to help students build robust concept images of key statistical ideas.”

According to their website, the ISI is “unmatched in its global reach among statisticians and those interested in the field of statistics.” They link with many international and national organizations, including national statistical societies, with special focus on organizations in or supporting developing regions of the world. A majority of the world’s central bureaus of statistics and many central banks are represented within the ISI network of institutional and corporate members. In fact, ISI has had consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 1949.

The ISI provides a welcoming environment for advancing statistical knowledge and learning best practices, for sharing state-of-the-art developments and for creating opportunities to network.

Others from the United States elected to the ISI at the same time include Christine Franklin from the University of Georgia and Beth Chance from Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo.

Congratulations, Gail!