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Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar, October 21st

We are happy to announce the first talk of the 2019-2020 Co-Integrate speaker series. Dr. Jack Smith and Dr. Shiv Karunakaran will be presenting When the Game Changes: The Development of Student Agency and Autonomy in Challenging Undergraduate Mathematics on Monday, October 21, 2019, 12:00-1:00 pm in 115 Erickson Hall.


In their pre-college and introductory collegiate mathematics coursework, students learn that mathematics centrally, if not exclusively involves computation. But many who pursue STEM disciplines routinely could encounter a quite different kind of mathematical work: The composition and evaluation of formal mathematical arguments, including proofs. The locus of this shift in mathematical activity on the MSU campus is MTH 299, Transitions, which introduces students to the basics of proof and argument. In the talk, we will present our current work conceptualizing agency and autonomy, the students who take the course, the challenges they face, and what we are learning about their experience in the course. We hope that these lessons will prove useful to all efforts to enrich introduction to proof mathematics courses.


Jack Smith PhotoJohn (Jack) Smith

As a professor of educational psychology here at Michigan State, his research concerns the nature of people's knowledge and learning of mathematics as evidenced in school and other settings.


Shiv Karunakaran PhotoShiv Karunakaran

As an assistant professor of mathematics education here at Michigan State, his research involves the study of how post-secondary students of mathematics and professional mathematicians learn and do mathematics.

Co-Integrate is a speaker series, jointly sponsored by the CREATE for STEM Institute and the Program in Mathematics Education, designed to support internal networking among colleagues in the College of Natural Science, College of Education, and K-12 school partners interested in the teaching and learning of mathematics in K­-16 settings. This monthly series features talks by MSU faculty and graduate students who are working on projects to improve math teaching and learning at MSU and in Michigan more broadly.

The Co-Integrate Seminar Series welcomes local K-12 teachers and administrators to all of its events. Reimbursement for on-campus parking will be provided for K-12 school staff attendees - be sure to ask for an envelope before you leave the event!