Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar, September 18

  • Sep 13, 2017

You are cordially invited to attend the Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series talk on Monday, September 18, 2017, 12:00-1:00 pm in 252 Erickson Hall. Higinio Dominguez and Sandra Crespo from MSU will be presenting Learning to Transform, Transforming to Learn: Reflections from a Chile — US Participatory Mathematics Education Research Project.

Monday, September 18, 2017
12:00-1:00 p.m.
252 Erickson
Michigan State University

Water and Coffee will be served. You are welcome to bring your own lunch.



Drs. Dominguez and Crespo will share their experiences (re)forming a teaching-research partnership between U.S. and Santiago de Chile educators that resulted in their collaborative research project “Teaching Relationships: Uniting Students and Teachers (TRUST)”. This international team addressed important and enduring research and practice questions, including how to create transformations in contexts that promote conformity and standardization of students and their thinking and how to re-conocer (to know again, in a different way) resources that are endogenous to local contexts and that educational systems only recognize as carencias (deficits). They will share preliminary findings which suggest the importance of trust, reciprocity, and a commitment to and full understanding of a relational epistemology. TRUST has achieved the important goal of uniting—intellectually, cross-culturally, and relationally—a group of researchers, teachers and their non-dominant students in the United States (Texas) and another group of researchers, teachers and their non-dominant students in Chile (Santiago). The next stages of their collaborations include publishing scholarly papers from emerging findings and preparing a research proposal that will continue to grow this community to include Chile, Colombia, Mexico and the United States.

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About the Speakers:

Higinio Dominguez PhotoA faculty member in mathematics education, Higinio Dominguez is interested in studying the reciprocal process of teachers noticing student actions and students noticing teacher actions in classrooms that include bilingual, English learners and recent immigrant students. He is currently conducting classroom-based investigations that focus on how the process of noticing influences Latino/a bilingual students' discursive presence in mathematics. His research has been published in various journals, including Educational Studies in Mathematics, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, and Bilingual Research Journal.


Sandra Crespo PhotoSandra Crespo is a Professor of mathematics education in the Department of Teacher Education at Michigan State University and is the director of the CITE (Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education) Ph.D. program. She is currently serving as the Editor of the Mathematics Teacher Educator journal, which is a joint journal of the NCTM and AMTE. Because mathematics is associated with discourses of failure, hate, and shame, her scholarship focuses on anti-oppressive mathematics education. Using theoretical tools such as status generalization theory and critical pedagogy, she seeks to identify and transform educational practices that exclude, rank, and marginalize students. She believes in collaborative forms of learning, teaching, and researching and is working in several local, national, and international projects involving students, teachers, and researchers committed to critical, creative and inclusive forms of mathematics education.


Co-Integrate is a speaker series, jointly sponsored by the CREATE for STEM Institute and the Program in Mathematics Education, designed to support internal networking among colleagues in the College of Natural Science, College of Education, and K-12 school partners interested in the teaching and learning of mathematics in K­-16 settings. This monthly series features talks by MSU faculty and graduate students who are working on projects to improve math teaching and learning at MSU and in Michigan more broadly.

The Co-Integrate Seminar Series welcomes local K-12 teachers and administrators to all of its events. Reimbursement for on-campus parking will be provided for K-12 school staff attendees - be sure to ask for an envelope before you leave the event!