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Edwards Joins Math Ed Faculty Group

Richard "Abe" Edwards PhotoRichard “Abe” Edwards is not new to MSU's math ed community. Dr. Edwards graduated from the PRIME math ed doctoral program in Summer 2016 and was hired as a teaching professor in Lyman Briggs College (LBC) at MSU. As a veteran teacher, Abe has taught mathematics to both community college and university students, and also to students in the middle grades and high school.

Abe teaches a variety of undergraduate mathematics courses at MSU, including Calculus I, II, and III, College Algebra, Statistics for Scientists, and a senior capstone course for LBC students. In the summer of odd years, he leads an education abroad program to Italy, France, and the U.K. where students study the complex interactions between mathematics and culture. He is currently co-teaching an Honors College seminar in Experimental Mathematics.

Abe and son Paul PhotoHe is working with colleagues across several institutions nationwide to research the use of projects based on primary historical sources in undergraduate mathematics courses, and the influence those projects have on (1) student understanding of mathematical content, and (2) students’ affective responses to mathematics. He is an active member of the Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (RUME) community and is passionate about getting undergraduates involved with mathematical research.

In his spare time, Abe enjoys fishing, gardening, and playing a variety of musical instruments. He is the father of three young children who, as Abe characterized, "don't care about abstract mathematics whatsoever," but he continued that they help him "remain relatively connected with the real world." On that note, in the photo below of Abe building raised garden beds this past spring with his kids, he commented, "The variety of sizes of shovels used by my workers was interesting."

Welcome, Abe!

Abe Edwards Family Photo
Abe and Megan with their children, L to R: Paul, Violet, and Florence.

Abe with kids Paul and Violet gardening