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Geometry for Secondary Teachers Conference

Geometric PatternPRIME doctoral students, Kevin Lawrence and Younggon Bae will be attending the Geometry for Secondary Teachers Conference, sharing their teaching experiences in geometry. The conference will be held on June 14-15 at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The conference is sponsored by the NSF funded project GeT Support, that is designing a system for inter-institutional support for instructors of such courses across the United States. The conference is aimed at establishing a professional community for university instructors and educators of the Geometry for Secondary Teachers courses. Participants will be presenting posters to introduce the courses at their institutions and attend sessions to discuss multiple perspectives on the roles of undergraduate geometry courses for secondary teachers.

At MSU, the secondary mathematics education endorsement requires at least one of two geometry courses, MTH 330 Higher Geometry or MTH 432 Axiomatic Geometry, which Kevin and Younggon, respectively, have recently taught. Younggon will be presenting the task design of the activities using a Dynamic Geometry Environment (DGE) for Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, Geometry Explorer.

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Younggon Bae