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MSU at 2020 RUME Conference

Boston RUME Photo 2020Members of the MSU Mathematics Education community will be presenting at the annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (RUME) in Boston, Massachusetts this week.

The conference will be held February 27-29 at the Revere Hotel Boston Common. 

The conference is organized around the following themes: results of current research, contemporary theoretical perspectives and research paradigms, and innovative methodologies and analytic approaches as they pertain to the study of undergraduate mathematics education. The program will include plenary addresses, contributed paper reports, preliminary reports, and poster sessions.

Mathematics education faculty and graduate students presenting this year include Sarah Castle, Bob Elmore, Jihye Hwang, Shiv Smith Karunakaran, Valentin Kuechle, and John (Jack) Smith.

Bob Elmore commented, “This is my first time attending the RUME conference. I am excited to go and help present and I am also excited to see all of the other research project presentations.”

Shiv Smith Karunakaran is serving on the RUME Executive Committee as the Organizational Director for 2019-2020. If you are interested in serving on future Program Committees, please contact Shiv.

SIGMAA on RUME was formed in 2001 for the purpose of encouraging quality research in undergraduate mathematics education (RUME) and its application in teaching practices. SIGMAA on RUME provides organizational support for researchers conducting RUME and to those interested in using the results of RUME. It also provides organizational support for the dissemination of the results of this research.

For complete details about the SIGMAA on RUME 2020 conference, please visit the conference website.

MSU Presentations

Friday, February 28

Jihye Hwang, Shiv Karunakaran

Students’ Interpretations of the Prompts for Proving Tasks: “Prove” and “Show”

Session 6,  Room: Silver 3



Younggon Bae, Sarah Castle, Bob Elmore, Jihye Hwang, Shiv Karunakaran, Valentin Kuechle, Mariana Levin, John Smith

Math and Moral Reasoning in the Age of the Internet: Undergraduate Students’ Perspectives on the Line Between Acceptable Use of Resources and Cheating

Session 12,  Room: Silver 3



Saturday, February 29

Younggon Bae, Sarah Castle, Bob Elmore, Jihye Hwang, Shiv Karunakaran, Valentin Kuechle, Mariana Levin, John Smith

Dimensions of Variation in Group Work Within the “Same” Multi-Section Undergraduate Course

Session 17,  Room: Salada



Valentin Kuechle

Using Commognition to Study Student Routines Performed in the Context of Ring Theory

Poster Session,  Room: Bohea (S20)



Written by

Olivia Hinterman