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MSU Math Ed Presents Virtually at 25th AMTE Annual Meeting

AMTE Program bookSeveral members of the MSU Mathematics Education community are presenting at the 25th Annual Conference of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE). The conference is taking place virtually during two Thursday through Saturday sessions: February 11-13 and February 18-20.

MSU faculty and graduate students presenting this year include Tonya Bartell, Kristen Bieda, Gail Burrill, Sandra Crespo, Corey Drake, Brent Jackson, Rileigh Luczak, and Sheila Orr.

The first-ever virtual conference includes a number of features that honor AMTE’s legacy at their 25th conference this year, including virtual rooms named for past AMTE Presidents. With 173 sessions and 442 speakers on this year’s program, the Annual Conference will feature more first-time and early-career attendees than ever before.

Otten 2016In addition, Samuel Otten, 2012 graduate of the MSU Math Ed Doctoral Program and currently an Associate Professor at the University of Missouri, received the Nadine Bezuk Excellence in Leadership and Service Award. The Nadine Bezuk Excellence in Leadership and Service Award is intended to recognize a colleague for a unique contribution in service that has made a significant and lasting contribution to mathematics teacher education, directly and indirectly.

For more information about the AMTE conference running this week and next, please see the conference program. MSU presentations are listed below.

MSU Presentations:

Thursday, Feb 11

8:00 am

Poster Session

P01. Ally Identities in Mathematics Teacher Professional Development

Brent Jackson, Michigan State University

Tonya Bartell, Michigan State University

Mary Q. Foote, Queens College, CUNY

We examine two teachers’ identities as allies to students of color within a professional development designed to engage mathematics teachers in understanding their positionalities within systems of oppression. We analyze the activities and contexts that prompted statements of ally identity.


6-8 pm Opening Session – Silver Auditorium


Naomi Jessup, Georgia State University

Joel Amidon, University of Mississippi

Sandra Crespo, Michigan State University

Moderator: Marrielle Myers, Kennesaw State University


Friday, Feb 12

1:30-2:30 pm

Session 29. Sid Rachlin Room

Practice-Based Experiences for Prospective Teachers

Individual Session

Understanding Preservice Teachers’ Attention to Professional Obligations Through Management of Classroom Dilemmas

Rileigh Luczak, Michigan State University

Sheila Orr, Michigan State University

Michelle Cirillo, University of Delaware

We analyzed how preservice teachers attended to the four obligations of a mathematics teacher (Herbst & Chazen, 2012) in early field experiences and invite participants to think about strategies to help preservice teachers manage the multiple, often competing, obligations of teaching.


Saturday, Feb 13

12:15-1:15 pm

Session 61    Jenny Bay-Williams Room

Equity, Social Justice, and Mathematics Teacher Education

Discussion Session

A Professional Development Conundrum: When Addressing Race & Power is Antithetical to Caring

Tonya Bartell, Michigan State University

Mary Q. Foote, Queens College, CUNY

We examine one teacher’s nuanced response to equity-focused PD through a lens of the tension between caring and caring with awareness. The teacher strove to serve all students yet was perceived by facilitators as resistant to PD aims.


Friday, Feb 19

12:15-1:15 pm

Session 108  Fran Arbaugh Room

Practice-Based Experiences for Prospective Teachers

Individual Session

The UTE Model for Early Field Experiences: Perspectives of Multiple Stakeholders

Fran Arbaugh, Pennsylvania State University

Michelle Cirillo, University of Delaware

Seonmi Do, Pennsylvania StateUniversity

Kristen Bieda, Michigan State University

The University Teaching Experience (UTE) is a novel model of early field experience for secondary mathematics preservice teachers. In this session, we present findings from a study of multiple stakeholders’ perspectives on their experiences with the model.


3-3:45 pm

Session 125  Judith Jacobs Room

Mathematics Pedagogy

Individual Session

Crossing the Divide: Elementary Mathematics Teachers' Opportunities to Learn During and After Teacher Preparation

Corey Drake, Michigan State University

Jillian M. Cavanna, University of Hartford

Teacher candidates have multiple opportunities to learn to teach mathematics across teacher preparation and novice teaching. In this session, we share patterns in sixteen novice teachers’ descriptions of the consistency and relevance of their opportunities during and beyond teacher preparation.


Saturday, Feb 20

11 am – 12 pm

Session 164  Judith Jacobs Room

Mathematics Content and Curriculum


Building Capacity for Teaching Statistics: The Role of Simulation

Gail Burrill, Michigan State University

The Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics call for a data-driven simulation-based approach to teaching statistics. Participants will engage in activities and discussion the potential of this approach in preparing teachers both to understand and to teach statistics.