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MSU Mathematics Education PhD Program most recommended

MSU #1 GraphicIn a recent survey of mathematics education programs across the country, more faculty recommended MSU than any other university as the place to get a doctorate in mathematics education. Furthermore, MSU ranked #2 in the number of graduates currently serving as faculty in mathematics education doctoral programs nationwide.

AMS Notices Cover Feb 2019The study, appearing in the February issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society and conducted by Robert Reys and colleagues, reports on the production of mathematics education doctorates in the U.S. and the high-quality doctoral programs that produce them. The study used data from the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) and a survey of faculty members in doctoral programs in mathematics education (institutions graduating at least ten mathematics education doctorates in the last 20 years). Each surveyed faculty member identified the institution at which they earned their doctorate. Of the surveyed faculty in mathematics education doctoral programs, 16 are Spartans, receiving their degrees at MSU. That ranks MSU as #2 in the number of graduates currently serving as faculty in mathematics education doctoral programs.  

To determine which mathematics education doctoral programs are most recommended by mathematics education faculty, survey faculty were presented with the following question and asked to name up to eight institutions (other than their own):

Suppose you were asked by a potential doctoral student in mathematics education to identify “particularly strong doctoral programs” (regardless of location or areas of interest) to consider attending. Which institutions would you recommend?

Of the 94 institutions recommended, MSU was named the most by surveyed faculty and was among only three named by more than half the faculty surveyed. So, for faculty-recommended doctoral programs in mathematics education, MSU is #1!

These findings provide evidence for the high regard for which MSU’s mathematics education program is held by the scholarly mathematics education community. The rigorous research and scholarship, and active participation in the broader mathematics education community by our faculty and students is noticed—and valued!

Congratulations to the entire MSU Mathematics Education community!

Reys, R., Reys, B., Shih, J., & Safi, F. (2019). Doctoral programs in mathematics education: A status report of size, origin of program leadership, and recommended institutions. Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 66, 212–217. https://doi.org/10.1090/noti1796

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