NCSM 2017 Presenters from MSU

  • Mar 31, 2017

The 49th National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) Annual Conference will host 5 MSU mathematics education faculty, graduate students, and a visiting CMP teacher-in-residence on April 3rd-5th in San Antonio, Texas.

This year’s conference is titled Engaging in the Mission of Mathematics Education Leadership: High Quality, Meaningful and Relevant Mathematics for All. The conference is intended to provide a lively, rich professional learning experience to support participants’ leadership needs over the next 12 months. The conference will be help at the Grand Hyatt.

The Michigan State University delegation will include Gail Burrill, AJ Edson, Yvonne Grant, Elizabeth Phillips, and Amy Ray.

Gail Burrill states, “Our presentation will discuss what we learned from the Finnish about their system, how the countries are different and what they were interested in learning from us”. Gail has presented at the NCSM Conference before and says that it is a good conference to attend because, “the supervisors are interested in talking about and learning what works in classrooms.”

Please note the days, times, and short session descriptions of the MSU presentations at NCSM below:


Monday, April 3

1:45-2:45 pm, Seguin A-B

Student Work in Assessment: Opportunities to Assess Student Understanding of Mathematical Content and Practices

Student work provides a potentially new context for teachers to assess students’ abilities to compare, analyze, and critique the mathematical approaches and arguments of others. Participants will interact with examples of student work in assessment tasks and collaboratively discuss how assessment items could be adapted to include student work.

Lead Speaker: Amy Ray

Co-Presenter: Alden Edson

Co-Presenter: Yvonne Grant

Co-Presenter: Elizabeth Phillips


11:15am-12:15 pm, Bonham D, Secondary (6-12)

Ten Strategies to Help Teachers Make Formative Assessment Integral to Their Teaching

Formative assessment has been identified as a strategy for improving student learning. However, formative assessment as implemented is often inconsistent with the literature. Participants will consider how to help teachers design classroom opportunities using tasks and questioning strategies, often involving interactive dynamic technology, that can support teachers in refocusing instruction based on what their students say and do.

Lead Speaker: Gail Burrill


3:00-4:00 pm, Bowie A-C, Middle (6-8) Regular Presentation

Powerful Classrooms Where All Students Reason and Communicate Proficiently in Mathematics

Teachers need ongoing support to implement rigorous and engaging mathematics. One challenge includes creating and maintaining a vision of classrooms that provides opportunities for students to participate in a powerful mathematics-learning environment. Using observation resources, we will watch video and discuss elements of classrooms where all students are given the opportunity to reason and communicate proficiently in mathematics.

Lead Speaker: Yvonne Grant

Co-Presenter: Emma Trevino


Tuesday, April 4

2:15-3:15 pm, Presidio B-C, Middle (6-8)

Arc of Learning: How Students’ Understanding Develops Across a Connected Sequence of Mathematics Problems

The Arc of Learning is an important teacher resource that describes five phases of student development of mathematical understanding within a problem-centered curriculum. It provides a tool for characterizing deeply grounded and connected learning, both in terms of practice and research. Participants will become familiar with the Arc of Learning by interacting with examples from a problem-centered curriculum.

Lead Speaker: Alden Edson

Co-Presenter: Elizabeth Phillips

Co-Presenter: Yvonne Grant


Written by

Claudia Salwin