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PRIME at PME-NA 2018

Several PRIME doctoral students and faculty members will be presenting at the 40th Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME-NA) in Greenville, South Carolina on November 15-18, 2018. 

Corey Drake, Professor and Director of Teacher Preparation, and mathematics education faculty member at MSU, is a Discussant for the opening Plenary Session at the conference on Thursday evening. Other math ed faculty members and graduate students giving presentations at PMENA 2018 include Younggon Bae, David Bowers, Sunghwan Byun, Alden J (AJ) Edson, Taren Going, Valentin Küchle, Merve Kursav, Jack Smith and Kevin Voogt.

PME-NA 2018 will be held at the Hyatt Regency Greenville, located in the heart of downtown Greenville.  This year’s theme is Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Celebrating 40 Years.

As part of their celebration of 40 years of PME-NA, this year’s conference will focus on enduring challenges in mathematics education research and look ahead to emerging opportunities in the field. Plenary sessions will address the major conference themes: mathematical and pedagogical demands for P-16 education, equitable mathematics teaching and research, leveraging new technologies, and perspectives on the nature of mathematics and research.

PRIME Presentations:

Thursday, November 15

7 pm Hyatt Regency, 1st, Regency A, B, C

How Can Understanding Student Experience in the Mathematics Classroom Enrich, Challenge, and Help Us Improve Our Own Learning as Teacher Educators and Researchers?

Corey Drake, Discussant

Friday, November 16

8:30 am  Hyatt Regency, 1st, Redbud A

Students’ Ontology and Epistemology in Axiomatic Geometry Using Technology

Younggon Bae


1 pm  Hyatt Regency 1st, Regency G

Promoting Collaboration and Mathematical Engagement in a Digital Learning Environment

AJ Edson, Merve Kursav


1 pm, Hyatt Regency 1st, Gardenia

Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Adults Who Dislike Mathematics: Challenging How We Measure The Sources

Kevin Voogt


1:50 pm, Hyatt Regency, 1st, Crepe Myrtle

Learning from NAEP Released Items: U.S. Elementary Students' Grasp of Multiplicative Relationships

Jack Smith


4:30 pm Hyatt Regency, 2nd, Teal Ballroom

Recognized Mathematics Instructors’ Beliefs About Learning

Valentin Küchle


Saturday, November 17

8:30 am  Hyatt Regency, 1st, Regency G

Situating Deficit Discourse in the Context of Social Interaction

Sunghwan Byun


1 pm  Hyatt Regency, 1st, Regency D2, E2, H

Understanding the Nature of Uncertainty in Problem Solving Situations

Taren Going, Merve Kursav


1:50 pm  Hyatt Regency, 1st, Regency F

Opening Space for Change and Empowerment Through Philosophical and Structural Contemplation in Teacher Professional Development

David Bowers


4:30 pm  Hyatt Regency, 2nd, Teal Ballroom

Elementary Pre-Service Teachers’ Use of Resources to Make Sense of Curricular Presentations of Proof

Taren Going