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PRIME Welcomes New Doctoral Students

The Program in Mathematics Education is delighted to welcome six outstanding doctoral students this fall. Sofia Abreu, Tim Hansen, Jihye Hwang, Maria “Isabel” Perez, Brady Tyburski, and Jane Zimmerman are beginning their first year in the doctoral program in Mathematics Education.

Photo of Incoming Math Ed Doctoral Students for Fall 2019

L to R:  Tim Hansen, Jihye Hwang, Isabel Perez, Sofia Abreu, Jane Zimmerman, Brady Tyburski

Sofia Abreu PhotoSofa most recently was an instructor at University of Texas – Austin. She received her bachelor’s degree in math a few years ago from the same university. She is interested in researching effective teaching with a holistic approach and the effect on students’ math interest. Sofia will be focusing her research at the undergraduate level, and wants to make math more accessible to all.


Tim Hansen PhotoTim was a high school math teacher from Bakersfield, CA. He is interested in statistics/statistics education, and preparing future teachers—specifically, how people understand and interact with statistical ideas, statistical information and writing, including how their understanding develops over time. He has a bachelor’s degree in math from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree in teaching math from California State University, Bakersfield.


Jihye Hwang PhotoJihye has a bachelor’s degree in math ed from Korea University, finished her master’s degree in math here, and has taken several math ed doctoral courses over the past year. She is interested in students’ learning in the context of proof and reasoning in undergraduate mathematics, and wants to expand knowledge of mathematics education research to include areas such as teaching, policy, teacher education, and equity while also learning about research design and methodology.


Isabel Perez PhotoIsabel obtained her master’s degree in mathematics from San Francisco State University this spring. She also completed a bachelor’s degree in math for teaching at SFSU. She plans to conduct research in equity and diversity in mathematics education, math teaching and learning, curriculum development, and policy formation. Isabel is also interested in urban education.


Brady Tyburski PhotoBrady completed a BS in (secondary) Ed with a focus in math and chemistry at Central Michigan University. After student teaching in an 8th grade math classroom, he joined the doctoral program in mathematics at Colorado State University and went on to earn an MS in math. During this time, he taught undergraduate math courses ranging from basic algebra up to linear algebra and differential equations while also conducting math ed research. His research interests are primarily in undergraduate mathematics education and specifically the mathematical thinking of students in intermediate to upper level courses. In particular, he is interested in the connections students make between different types of functions and how they develop a so-called “unified” notion of function. He has also conducted research concerning calculus students’ understanding of fractions and improving the training of graduate teaching assistants.


Jane Zimmerman PhotoJane is an instructor in the Mathematics Department at MSU, serving as the MLC Coordinator, course supervisor for MTH 103A/B, and has taught math courses ranging from Developmental Math through Calculus II. She is a former high school math teacher. Jane has a bachelor’s degree in math from Eastern Michigan University and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Ferris State University. Jane is interested in conducting research to contribute to the field of mathematics education through her work in her current position.

Please join us in welcoming them to MSU!