Staff Post: Vince Melfi

  • Sep 8, 2016

Vince Melfi has served as Graduate Director of the Mathematics Education Doctoral Program since 2007, and Director of PRIME since PRIME was formed in 2011. He is also a faculty member in the Department of Statistics and Probability at MSU, where he is the Associate Chair.

Of his work as Director of PRIME Vince says, “Mainly this entails maintaining an environment where the talented faculty, students, and staff of PRIME can thrive.”

Vince received his undergraduate degree in history from Oberlin College, secondary mathematics teaching certification from Cleveland State University, and his doctorate in statistics from the University of Michigan.

As Vince reflected on his early career moments, he noted, “I worked as a middle-school teacher in my hometown of Euclid, OH.”  For those mathematics aficionados out there, yes, the city is named after the mathematician.

He continued, “Before that I worked for two dairy/ice-cream manufacturers (Euclid Race and Dairymen’s) in the Cleveland, OH area. Highlights included all the ice cream I could eat, as well as driving a forklift in an enormous freezer to shelve ice cream and other frozen desserts.”

Some other little-known facts about Vince include his hobbies of woodworking, baking (mainly bread), and reading. Anime is a recent interest. Vince and his wife have two adult children. He added, “We also have a dog (young and exuberant) and a cat (older and not so exuberant).”