Voogt Receives LeMense Award

  • May 30, 2017

Kevin Voogt, PRIME mathematics education doctoral student, has been awarded the Carol and Michael LeMense Family Endowed Graduate Fellowship, which recognizes graduate students at MSU who graduated from a public high school, demonstrated academic excellence in their undergraduate studies—and for awards made in the education area—were public school teachers returning for a Master’s or PhD.

Carol and Michael LeMense began their careers teaching together in Waterford (Michigan) Schools. Carol Lemense, who passed away in 2015, received BA and MA degrees in Business and Education from MSU.

Kevin is a second-year student who graduated at the top of his class from a public high school in Wisconsin, after which he was a highly successful undergraduate student in mathematics at Calvin College. Kevin then taught high school mathematics for a number of years before entering the PRIME program.

Since coming to MSU, Kevin has co-authored a book chapter with Sharon Senk and two professors from the University of South Florida on multilevel modeling to explore factors that might account for achievement in secondary geometry classes. He is an active member of the Recruitment and Admissions Committee, and serves as a mentor for incoming graduate students. He is currently finishing his research practicum, preparing conference proposals, and is lead author on a paper presenting findings from the Transitions to Proof research project looking at the affective side of proof writing.

Kevin’s research interests include studying the phenomenon of mathematics aversion, including what it looks like at different stages in peoples’ lives from elementary school through adulthood. He is also interested in self-efficacy theory and any possible relationship between students’ self-efficacy in mathematics and their feelings about mathematics.

Congratulations to Kevin on receiving the Carol and Michael LeMense Family Endowed Graduate Fellowship!