Zweng Award Recipients for 2018

  • Jun 28, 2018

David Bowers and Kevin Voogt, PRIME mathematics education doctoral students, have been awarded the Dr. Marilyn Zweng Endowed Graduate Student Award in Mathematics Education for 2018.

Dr. Marilyn Zweng, a retired mathematics educator who completed her undergraduate work at Michigan State University, has generously contributed funds establishing an endowment to provide fellowships to PRIME students.

Fellowship recipients were selected based on how they have been active ambassadors of mathematics education and what the student plans to do, in the upcoming year, to extend, deepen, or change their ambassador work.

Ambassadors of mathematics education exhibit active involvement in improving mathematics teaching and learning (pre-K-16+), publications and/or presentations that reach out to a broad community such as K-12 teachers, policymakers, etc., and/or service to mathematics education at MSU (e.g., mentoring) or nationally (e.g. organizing conferences).

David Bowers PhotoDavid Bowers will be starting his third year in the program this fall. He taught secondary mathematics for several years in Columbus, Ohio. David has also taught here at MSU, presented at multiple conferences, and has served on the Recruitment and Admissions Committee as well as the Course and Curriculum Committee. He is a regular attendee of the mathematics education colloquium and Mathematics Learning Research Group, as well as attending functions for campus visitors, and will serve as President of the PRIME Graduate Student Organization (GSO) this coming year. David noted, “One of my major professional goals next year is to extend my network of professional colleagues outside of the United States.” He plans to submit a couple of proposals to the Mathematics Education and Society (MES) conference, which will take place in India in 2019. MES is an international conference of mathematics educators that focuses on the social, political, and historical side of mathematics and mathematics education. He also plans to apply for the College of Education’s Fellowship to Enhance Global Understanding (FEGU), which is a scholarly learning opportunity for several weeks in another country. Recent destinations have included China, Cuba, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Both of these activities will have substantial out-of-pocket costs.

Kevin Voogt PhotoKevin Voogt will be starting his fourth year in the program and taking comprehensive examinations this fall. Kevin helped connect German math teachers with U.S. math educators for the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) conference during his first year here. He has served on the Recruitment and Admissions Committee, served as a student mentor for an incoming doctoral student, and is also a regular attendee of mathematics education talks and events for visiting prospective students. Kevin stated, “My time will largely be spent developing a dissertation proposal that focuses on the K-12 (and perhaps college) experiences of elementary preservice teachers who have negative feelings about doing or teaching mathematics.” He continued, “The funding from this fellowship would also go a long way to helping finance travel to research conferences next year, should my proposal (and those I will be submitting with my research team as part of my assistantship work) be accepted.”

Congratulations to both of them on receiving this prestigious award!