MSU/ETS Research and Development Partnership (RDP)

Principal Investigators(s):  PI:  Bob Floden; Faculty mentors:  Tonya Bartell, Corey Drake, Amelia Gotwals, Mark Reckase
Graduate Students: Rebecca Ellis, Amanda Frasier, Funda Gonulates, Xueying Ji, Eun Mi Kim, Xin Luo, Kate Rollert, Heejoo Suh, Tamara Shattuck
Funding: ETS
Dates the project is funded: 1/1/2013 —

Abstract: In order to support and shape emerging work on the measurement of teaching quality, the Understanding Teaching Quality (UTQ) Center at Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Michigan State University (MSU) began a collaboration in the summer of 2013 called the MSU/ETS Research and Development Partnership (RDP).   The RDP is sponsored by ETS and is focuses on three goals:
1.     Provide doctoral training in the measurement of teaching quality
2.     Improve existing research on teaching quality through the collaboration of MSU and ETS scientists around common substantive interests
3.     Support the growth and development of a cadre of scholars engaged in research on the measurement of teaching quality.

RDP Research Projects
To accomplish these goals the RDP, supports a series of research collaborations around key ETS research projects, mostly in UTQ but also in other research centers, depending on how students’ interests and skills align with the work in research centers.  Each collaboration is made up of at least three people – an ETS research scientist, an MSU faculty member, and an MSU graduate student.  Using a scope of work (SOW) document that describes the tasks to be accomplished in a given semester, the research scientist and faculty member support the doctoral student in the completion of tasks.  Tasks will vary by project but are likely to include various aspects of research including
·             literature reviews and research syntheses
·             subject-specific item writing  (assessment development)
·             data collection
·             data cleaning and analysis
·             report writing
·             contributing to the development of publications based on the work
·             presenting results