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Promoting Productive Disciplinary Engagement and Learning with Open Problems and "Just-in-Time" Supports in Middle School Mathematics

Principal Investigators: Elizabeth Phillips, Alden Edson, Kristen Bieda, Joseph Krajcik, Chad Dorsey (Concord Consortium)

Graduate Students: Kate Appenzeller, David Bowers, Taren Going, Merve Kursav, Rileigh Luczak, Sunyoung Park, Amit Sharma

Supporting Personnel: Tyler Knowles, Elizabeth Lozen
Funding: National Science Foundation, Core R&D Programs
Dates the project is funded: 4/1/2017-3/31/2020


Abstract:  The project focuses on how students collaboratively explore problems and make sense of the mathematics problems by developing and testing “just-in-time” supports that help students increase access to and maintain the challenge of mathematics problems.