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Reciprocal Noticing: Latino/a Students and Teachers Constructing Common Resources in Mathematics

Higinio Dominguez and colleagues
L to R: Higinio Dominguez, José Martinez-
Hinestroza, Kenneth Bradfield

Principal Investigator: Higinio Dominguez

Participating Teachers: Melissa Adams, Ann Grimm, Megan Coupe, Nancy Valdez-Gainer

Graduate Students: Kenneth Bradfield, José Martinez-Hinestroza

Funding: National Science Foundation, REESE program

Dates: August 2013 – May 2018


Mathematics Education faculty member Higinio Dominguez, who works both in Teacher Education and the PRIME program, is leading an NSF-funded project (Grant No. 1253822) focused on Reciprocal Noticing. The project began in August, 2013 and will continue through May, 2018. Dr. Dominguez, along with graduate students José Martinez-Hinestroza and Kenneth Bradfield, has been working alongside teachers in high needs elementary schools in Michigan and Texas with the goal of transforming classrooms with non-dominant students—Latino/Latina, African American, recent immigrants, English learners—into intellectually attractive places to learn mathematics.

Teachers in this project select mathematics topics that are difficult for them to teach and therefore difficult for students to learn. They co-plan units on these topics with the goal of promoting reciprocal noticing of the diverse ideas that students and teachers have about these topics. As the lesson sin these units unfold, teachers and students participate in two closely related levels of activity: (a) learning to notice each other’s ideas and (b) transforming these common ideas into resources for teaching and learning mathematics. These transformations tend to occur when teachers and students figure out that their diverse ways of knowing and understanding mathematics are opportunities to learn. Learning here is influenced by the process of reciprocating the noticing in which both teachers and students engage.

The project has already generated a number of publications focused on the construct of reciprocal noticing, including the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Linking Research and Practice Outstanding Publication Award for the research-based article, Más o menos: Exploring estimation in a bilingual classroom. Teaching Children Mathematics, August 2013, pp. 36-41. 

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Reciprocal Noticing Photo Collage
Reciprocal Noticing Photo Collage