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General Information & Updates

Information Meetings

Recommendations & Support for Online Teaching

Travel & Reimbursements

  • All university-sponsored international travel is suspended until May 15.
  • University-sponsored non-essential domestic travel is also suspended until May 15. This includes new travel as well as any currently booked trips between now and then.
    • A waiver is required for business essential travel; it can only be granted by the provost, a vice president or the president through the following form and must be approved before a trip begins. Non-essential in-state travel to things like state conferences should not occur.
    • For students on the job market travel may be deemed essential; (from Graduate School; subject to change)
  • Cancelled Conferences & Travel 

    • Conference fees: For cancelled conference, contact the conference organizer for refund of conference fees you have paid.  (See non-refundable costs below) 

    • Flights: You must cancel any flights you will not use, regardless of whether you booked your flights through MSU or on your own.  

      • If you booked your flights through MSU (Concur & Conlin Travel), please contact Conlin Travel agents (884-9400) to cancel your flights.   

      • If you purchased your ticket outside of the MSU Travel Program, you are responsible for contacting the airlines to seek refunds or waivers. It is likely that the airline will not refund your ticket price but will give you credit toward a future ticket.  (See non-refundable costs below) 

    • Lodging: Hotel reservations should also be cancelled prior to arrival to mitigate no show charges. Travelers need to explain the situation to the hoteliers and Airbnb, whichever is applicable, and ask for refunds and/or waivers of any charges. 

    • Non-Refundable Costs 

      • Funds from the Graduate School are available for graduate students whose travel was canceled due to COVID-19. These funds are available to cover non-refundable costs (airline fees, conference registration fees, hotel fees, insurance, etc.).  

      • If you have incurred costs that are not refundable, you should apply for  these Graduate School funds: COVID Travel Funds

PRIME Office

  • The PRIME office staff are now working from home.
  • Please interact with PRIME staff by phone or email when possible.

PRIME Community Guidelines

  • If you are sick, stay home!
  • Hold meetings (e.g., student-advisor mtgs, guidance committee mtgs, research group mtgs) via Zoom or other conferencing tools when possible.
  • Graduate Assistants – TAs, RAs, GAs are expected to continue working, while recognizing that some assignments will be adjusted to fit the circumstances
  • Dissertation defenses, research practicum meetings, guidance committee meetings, etc. will continue to take place, but we encourage practices of social distancing, including the use of Zoom.