Lappan-Phillips-Fitzgerald Colloquium

Our intellectual community in mathematics education is supported by a variety of activities and units, including:

The Lappan-Phillips-Fitzgerald Mathematics Education Colloquium Series

During the academic year the Program in Mathematics Education sponsors a Mathematics Education Colloquium Series. This series consists of talks about research in mathematics education by both faculty members from MSU and scholars from other institutions in the United States and abroad. Past speakers from outside MSU have included Jill Adler, Michele Artigue, Deborah Ball and Hyman Bass, Curt Bennett, Francis (Skip) Fennell, Patricio Herbst, Liping Ma, Robert Reys, Tom Romberg, Deborah Schifter, and Triadafillos Triadafillidis.

Colloquium talks are open to faculty and students interested in mathematics education. New and prospective graduate students are encouraged to attend. Others from outside the MSU community with an interest in research in mathematics education are also welcome. The schedule, flyer and videos (as they become available) for the current semester are listed here, along with a link to the schedule and videos of previous semesters.

Fall 2016/Spring 2017 Mathematics Education Colloquium Schedule

These events are sponsored by the Program in Mathematics Education, the Lappan-Phillips-Fitzgerald Endowment, and the Colleges of Education and Natural Science. For more information, contact Freda Cruél, (517) 432-1490,

The talks are typically scheduled on select Wednesdays from 3:30-5 pm in 252 Erickson, unless otherwise noted. Titles of talks will be posted as they are received. A video of the talk will be posted shortly afterward, as available.

Fall 2016 Schedule

October 12  Gregory Larnell, University of Illinois - Chicago

We Real Cool: Reconsidering the Cooling Out Phenomenon in a Remedial Mathematics Education Context

Flyer for Larnell Talk

PowerPoint of Larnell Slides

Video of Larnell Talk

November 16  Ricardo Nemirovsky, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Flyer for Nemirovsky Talk

PDF of Nemirovsky Slides

Video of Nemirovsky Talk


Spring 2017 Schedule

January 25  M. Alejandra Sorto, Texas State University

What matters for learners in linguistically diverse classrooms?

Flyer for Sorto Talk

(This talk will not be videotaped.)

February 15  Maria Zavala, San Francisco State University

How does racial identity matter in the mathematics classroom?

Flyer for Zavala Talk

Video of Zavala Talk

March 15   Julia Aguirre, University of Washington, Tacoma

Math Strong: Amplifying Equity and Justice in Mathematics Education Research and Practice

Flyer for Aguirre Talk

Video of Aguirre Talk

April 12  Luz Maldonado, Texas State University

Bilingual Teachers' Professional Noticing of Bilingual Children's Mathematical Thinking

Flyer for Maldonado Talk

Video of Maldonado Talk

PDF of Maldonado Slides

Video/Schedule of Mathematics Education Colloquium from Previous Semesters

The Mathematics Learning Research Group

Research Meeting

The Mathematics Learning Research Group, or MLRG, is an informal gathering of faculty and graduate students who share research interests in the learning, teaching, and use of mathematics in schools and other settings. It meets periodically (usually every two weeks on a Friday afternoon) with discussion often focusing on work in progress (conceptualizing research, planning data-gathering, considering emerging results, and relating emergent results to practice and subsequent research), but also includes doing mathematics together and practicing conference or job search presentations.

The coordinator and contact person for the MLRG is Dr. Jack Smith.

Contact Lisa Keller to join. The semester schedule of MLRG activities is updated a week or so before each planned event. Graduate student organizers this year are Amanda Opperman and Amy Scheerhorn.


Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series

CoIntegrate is a new speaker series, jointly sponsored by the CREATE for STEM Institute and the Program in Mathematics Education, designed to support internal networking among colleagues in the College of Natural Science, College of Education, and K-12 school partners interested in the teaching and learning of mathematics in K-16 settings. This monthly series will feature talks by MSU faculty and graduate students who are working on projects to improve math teaching and learning at MSU and in Michigan more broadly.

The coordinator and contact person for the Co-Integrate Math Seminar is Dr. Kristen Bieda. The talks are scheduled on select Mondays from 12:00-1:00 pm unless otherwise noted. The 2016-20167 schedule will be added as talks are confirmed.

Spring 2017 Schedule

February 27  Tonya Bartell, Beth Herbel-Eisenmann, Sunghwan Byun, Molade Osibodu, 133G Erickson

A3IMS: Access, Agency, and Allies in Mathematical Systems


Fall 2016 Schedule

October 3  Kristen Bieda, 252 Erickson

The University Teaching Experience: Creating Early Field Experiences Prepare Novice Teachers for the Demands of Teaching Mathematics In Schools

December 5  Andy Krause and Jeffrey Craig, 133G Erickson

Successes of Project-based Learning in Undergraduate Quantitative Literacy Courses

Gateway to Mathematical Sciences: Lectures on Instruction

The Program in Mathematics Education (PRIME) and the Department of Mathematics have partnered to sponsor a new seminar series “Gateway to Mathematical Sciences: Lectures on Instruction,” which will focus on developments in curriculum, instruction, and assessment which are changing the student experience in first-year courses in the mathematical sciences. The seminar series is part of a broader initiative between PRIME and the Departments of Mathematics; Statistics and Probability; and Computational Mathematics Science and Engineering focused on increasing student success in gateway courses in the mathematical sciences. Funding for the seminar is provided by the Connected Mathematics Project Endowment.

The schedule for the 2016-2017 academic year will resume in the spring semester, with details outlined below as talks are confirmed. Visit the Mathematics Department seminar site for more information.


PRIME Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

The PRIME Graduate Student Organization is a team of Michigan State University graduate students in the PRIME program who organize events, lead community programs, and represent the Mathematics Education program at meetings of the Council of Graduate Students (COGS) organization at Michigan State University. If you are looking to gain leadership and service experience, consider participating in this group. Luke Tunstall is the current PRIME GSO President.


The Beal Garden

We maintain an email list for announcements of interest to the mathematics education community connected to MSU (MSU faculty, specialists, and graduate students; interested students, mentor teachers, and graduates from our teacher certification program; and interested faculty, staff, and students at nearby institutions). Subscribe to the math ed list.

Faculty Units

Our mathematics education faculty come from a variety of departments across campus, including:

Program in Mathematics Education (College of Natural Science)

Probability and Statistics (College of Natural Science)

Mathematics Department (College of Natural Science)

Teacher Education (College of Education)

Counseling, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology (College of Education) CREATE for STEM Institute