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Homeroom is a monthly seminar series devoted solely to topics about social and emotional well-being in academia, both in graduate school and in the transition to positions once graduate school is over.

Graduate school is profoundly stressful, and graduate students need to attend to their socioemotional health in order to make the best of their time in such programs. To counter the relative lack of spaces to normalize discussion around these issues and challenges, Dr. Kristen Bieda, a professor of Mathematics Education in the Department of Teacher Education, organized the construction of  a new space, called Homeroom, for mathematics education doctoral students to have frank discussions about the realities of graduate school and life within academia. Kristen’s motivation for establishing this forum for graduate students and faculty was, in her own words, because we “often wrestle with dilemmas associated with social and emotional aspects of this profession but may not feel like there are outlets to discuss these issues.”

In meetings, attended by graduate students and faculty members at various stages in PRIME, Kristen has facilitated open conversations on vulnerability in scholarship, the social norms of graduate school, the discourse of the academy, and more.

See the Events page for all scheduled Homeroom sessions.