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Collaborative Research: Advancing Equity Goals in Secondary Classrooms by Incorporating Mathematical Justification in Teaching

Principal Investigators: 

Kristen N. Bieda, Ph.D  - Michigan State University

Megan Staples, Ph.D - University of Connecticut

Graduate Students:

Kristin Doherty - MSU

Serena Anthonypillai - UConn

Funding Source:  National Science Foundation (NSF) 

Dates of Funding: Fall 2022 through Summer 2024

This EHR Core Pilot Study in Research Area I (Research on STEM Learning and Learning Environments) project explores how engaging students in mathematical justification can advance goals for equitable learning outcomes in high school mathematics through participatory research with study groups of high school mathematics teachers. Specifically, the teachers and researchers will co-explore the affordances of justification in advancing opportunities to enhance students’ access to, and agency with, mathematical ideas. 

While this pilot study is limited in scope, the resulting foundational knowledge and initial framework for design principles and teaching moves that engage students in justification in ways that enhance equity goals will support the development of a larger-scale research program. From this program, materials can be developed to ultimately support teachers across a diverse set of secondary school contexts to achieve broader based participation in mathematics classrooms, new patterns of interaction, and ultimately more engagement, achievement, and persistence with mathematics.