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Kathryn Westby Kathryn Westby


Began: Fall 2020

Jane Zimmerman Jane Zimmerman


Began: Fall 2019


Freda Cruél Freda Cruél

Graduate Secretary/Academic Program Coordinator

Secretary to PRIME Director

C110 Wells, (517) 432-1490


Handles general graduate student questions/issues, enrolls students in 999 credits, assists math ed committees. 

Kelly Fenn Kelly Fenn

Budget & Personnel Administrator

C107 Wells, (517) 884-3476


Processes assistantship and fellowship paperwork for graduate students. Handles benefits and human resource issues, and assigns keys for all PRIME faculty, staff and graduate students.

Beth Herbel-Eisenmann, Director Beth Herbel-Eisenmann, Director

Director of PRIME and Mathematics Education Graduate Program

C111 Wells, (517) 884-3475


Oversees all aspects of the mathematics education graduate program, and serves as Director of PRIME.

Lisa Keller Lisa Keller

Specialist and Assistant Director, PRIME

C112 Wells Hall, (517) 432-5472


Informal advisor to mathematics education doctoral students, recruits prospective students, website.

Elizabeth "Billie" Lozen Elizabeth "Billie" Lozen

Consortium Coordinator I

C715 Wells Hall, (517) 432-3635


Coordinator for the Connected Mathematics Project (CMP). Direct any questions regarding CMP to Billie.