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Application and Admission

MSU's Beaumont Tower in the Spring
Beaumont Tower in the Spring

Application Process

Application files are due by December 1 for full consideration of funding for admission the following fall. Click on Application Process to see a description of all required application materials, where and how to upload your application materials, and the program prerequisites. Applications for Fall 2023 are CLOSED. You may begin applying for Fall 2024 in August.

Suggestions for Selecting a Graduate Program

We have a large Math Ed community at MSU, located in jointly in the College of Natural Science and the College of Education. PRIME is one of the only programs in the United States housed within two colleges and that prepares candidates for a PhD directly in Mathematics Education. Other PhD programs at MSU can include an emphasis in Mathematics Education.

information about what to consider when choosing a Math Ed doctoral program.

Campus Visit

Contact a faculty member or the PRIME graduate program coordinator to visit MSU before or after you are admitted. Read here for some activities you might engage in during your visit.